A love poem to my grandmother

Hold me, rock me, teach me, love me.  

You make me feel SO loved.

You made such a difference in my life.  You were so funny, you loved to laugh so much.  You loved for everyone around you to be happy.  You loved to entertain and then sit back and watch everyone having a great time.  You loved seeing everyone relaxed and content.  And to know that they were loved.

Thank you for your warmth and your unsparing love.  I think of you all the time, especially when I’m happy and when I feel the most connected with my soul.  I think it’s because I truly felt so loved by you, and when I feel my soul, it is pure love, and it remembers you so well.  

I love you and I hope you are happy too, you have made me so happy.  Thank you with all my heart.  These are tears of joy, I promise 🙂  I rejoice in my memories and the moments when I feel close to you.  You shine so bright in my life.  Thank you.  I love you forever.


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