Lead with the Soul

LEAD with the SOUL.  

I let my soul make my decisions today. I quiet my mind and I listen to my soul.  

Soul, full of love, bursting with love and energy and friendship and power, show me what you want. Use my mind as your tool, rather than your enemy. Shape my thoughts as the healthiest, most inspiring and uplifting they can be.  

Soul, you are so strong. So powerful. You have the energy and power of a bright burning star, but you are as delicate as a hibiscus flower. You are beautiful in every way. You are so full of love. You are MADE of love.  

My mind cannot crush my soul. It has tried. All the doubts, fears, and the “not enough”s. They were of my mind, I know this now, because my soul is made of love, and it doesn’t think that way!  

Oh Universe, thank you for my beautiful, loving soul. Thank you for the knowledge of my soul. I was in darkness, and now I AM the light. Thank you for this amazing gift. It is the gift of love. I am humbled to know this love. I share it freely. Thank you.


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