Sactown Rising!!

I moved to Sacramento in 2007.  April 1, 2007.  I chose to move here, from San Diego, where I had lived from 2000.  And the first thing people would say, is “Why??!!”  I wasn’t expecting that, at the time, and found myself defending this new city of mine.  Looking back on it I realize I was usually defending someone else’s hometown, to them, as they argued to me about how much it sucked.  Sacramento sucks, the Kings suck, downtown sucks, light rail sucks, blah blah blah.  I wondered, Why are you here then??!!  I don’t think I’m the only one that noticed this.  There truly was an inferiority complex pinned on the city by a lot of the people here.

Thankfully, it is finally changing.  And it is SO exciting and inspiring.

I LOVE seeing the downtown projects going up.  I’m SO excited for the new arena and the growth and redevelopment coming!  This city is awesome, and it is so underrated.  I fucking love this place and I am so happy and grateful to be here at this exact point in history to witness and be a part of the rehabilitation of a great city!!

And…Go Kings!!!!  I was at the game last night, it was so exciting!!  The energy of so many fans putting love into this team and this city…it’s contagious and it’s going to keep growing.  I just want to encourage people who live here to get on board, it’s much more fun to be supportive and positive than be a hater.  The tide is turning, be a part of it!!!  There is infinite room for everyone’s individual brand of positivity, creativity, and love in the growth of this beautiful place.  We want you!!!




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