In Scarcity we Bare the Teeth

This is a mural and poem on Del Paso Blvd. & Arden that I have always wanted to stop and photograph…and today I finally did.   I think it is just a beautiful mural and I’m so happy to have some public art in this neighborhood.  But, I had always wondered what this poem means.

In Scarcity we Bare the Teeth

Selling them off One by One

Appetites in Search of the Highest Price

No Longer Able to Smile at or Chew on

What it Means to Live the Good Life.

Today after thinking about it a while, my interpretation is this: I think this poem is all about Attitude.  Do I have an attitude of Lack and Fear?  Or do I have an attitude of Gratitude and Abundance?  If I perceive a lack in my life, and react with fear (bare my teeth), this negative cycle compounds itself until I can no longer appreciate the good that IS present in my life.  Like Jealousy, it works the opposite way I want it to.  I think the lesson is to be grateful for what I do have, rather than have an attitude of scarcity or lack in my life.  This in turn will continue to bring happiness and joy into my life!

What do you think it means?


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