I am

I am grateful.  I am healthy.  I am creative.  I am loving.  I am kind.  I am warm.  I am love.  I am peace.  I am free.  I am me.

‘I am’ is in the now.  It is not in the past, or the future.  It does not contain any judgement or any story.  It does not contain fear, uncertainty, or regret.  Those things don’t exist here in the present.  NOW is what is real.

Some say that ‘I am’ is creation.

‘I am’ is a statement used to bring your desire into being.  Like, if you want to become a writer, “I am a writer.”  If you want to become a model, “I am a model.”  “I am healthy and fit.”  “I am a loving parent.”

This is straight powerful!  Instead of dwelling on how unhappy I am, I choose to think of all the good on earth and in my life.  I am grateful!  Instead of fearing sickness or lamenting weight gain, I choose to focus on health and well-being.  I am healthy!  My body is a perfectly functioning universe.  I am strong and capable.  My body carries me around to different places.  I see the beautiful sights of this world.  I hear beautiful sounds like music and laughter.  This feels so much better!

From this new vantage point, I am empowered to count my blessings, including my body.  I am inspired to exercise, stretch, and eat healthy foods.  My incentive?  Moving about freely and easily. Taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of this world.  Running on the sand, jumping off a waterfall.  Making a child laugh!  Riding a horse.  Hugging someone I love.  I stop working out because I hate my body…I start working out because I LOVE my body!

If I am is creation, I am is power, I am is presence…this is starting to sound a lot like divine power!  Here is another clue…. the translation for God’s name as told to Moses is ‘I am that I am’.  I had heard before that God’s name was ‘I am’, but it never made sense to me.  Until recently.  When I started learning more about ‘I am’ and the creative process, and became more aware of how I was using the phrase, I remembered this about God’s name.  Mind blown!  It doesn’t even matter how you define God.  What matters is the divine power inherent in the words, and how this power is accessible to us!

Here is the catch, though.  ‘I am’ can only be used for good.  It has to be used for uplifting, empowering, and creation of those things that are aligned with my true self, my soul.  I cannot demean myself.  I cannot attack myself.  I can’t judge or blame myself.  ‘I am’ only works through LOVE.  Because love is my true nature.  It’s so beautiful and perfect, it gives me the chills.

This is why we can’t afford to pick apart our bodies, to be jealous of others, to judge ourselves or others.  To use ‘I am’ for anything negative is to SELL OUT our own divine nature, turning it into something ugly and evil. I believe that we are here to express love and pursue joy, and to create things that make us happy, and in being happy, we contribute to the overall good and well-being of the world.  In saying “I am love, I am joy” I feel so good, I feel my soul bubbling up with happiness.  I am calling my soul’s name.  I am calling MY name!  My divine name.  I won’t tarnish it by beating myself up for things in the past or judging my body or fearing the future.  I am here, I am alive, I am inspired, I am unique, I am mobile, I am whole, I am grateful.  I am love.  I am.

If we all light up, we can scare away the dark. – Passenger


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