Winter Solstice is nature’s New Year’s Eve, right?  Is this already a thing?   The longest night of the year, followed by each day growing slightly longer in duration, just seems like a natural starting point to the new year. Which of course makes today, December 22nd, nature’s New Year’s Day.  

Of course this means New Years Resolutions.  

This week I read The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Mind blowing!!! It is a pretty quick, easy read but so insightful.  This part spoke to me:

If you look at your body, you will find billions of living beings who depend on you.  You are responsible for all those beings.  For all those living beings that are your cells, you are God.  You can provide them what they need; you can love all those living beings, or you can be so mean to them.

The cells in your body are completely loyal to you; they work for you in harmony.  We can even say they pray to you.  You are their God.  That is absolutely the truth.  Now what are you going to do with that knowledge?

I love this, it’s so sweet and true.  My body is a beautiful universe in and of itself.  It is made of cells that specialized themselves with a mind blowing intelligence into different functions, organs and systems.  It automatically works for me, 24/7, each and every day of my life.  It even grew itself from 2 cells, provided from two different people, and formed my own mind, for my benefit, which now I use to condemn it??  SO ridiculous!  I know that I will never, ever, reject my body again with these words in my heart.  More than that, I beg forgiveness, beautiful body, for ever saying anything mean to you or about you.  For picking you apart.  I love you, exactly as you are.  I love you and appreciate you for everything you do for me.  I turn inward, and send blessings and love to each and every cell in my body, because it’s true…I AM their God. Water and food, exercise is great but how can anyone really thrive without LOVE??  The same as I would provide for a child in my care, a pet, even to a house plant I would give love and care without a second of hesitation.  To my beautiful perfect body I give my unending love and adoration and a promise to take the best care of you, to listen to your messages, to love EVERY part, to feed you healthy foods that help you function best, and to move/rest when you need.  I will nourish you as you nourish me and love you as you love and support me every single day.  I am so grateful for you.  I LOVE YOU.

My intention in 2016 is not to change anything about myself, but to accept myself and love myself as I am.  The only thing I am changing is the way I treat myself and talk to my miraculous and beautiful body, from inside my own miraculous and beautiful mind.

Love to you and yours, and the happiest of holidays!



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