Intention: Releasing Limitations

A theme that keeps coming up this week is letting go of limitations and really calling in creativity, expansion, and empowerment.

Limitations can be tied to repeating patterns that I’ve created in the past, they can be tied to conditioning from my parents or society, and they can be tied to a definition of myself that I’ve created and clung to. Personally, I realize I’ve created limitations around my own health and fitness potential; my own career/purpose and potential for what I can create while also being financially supported; potential for the positive impact I believe I can have on the world; my ability for artistic expression; and the depth in relationships that I can expect to have.  I guess overall it relates to what I think I’m worthy and deserving of, in all areas of life.  

Letting go of these limitations in a way is letting go of an identity.  An old identity based in fear, anxiety, limiting definitions of who I am, and attempts to please others.  But that identity and the underlying belief structure crumbles when I remember who I really am: an infinite thread of the universe; a divine being wearing earth matter and experiencing everything in this life to bring myself closer to unconditional love.  In this moment it becomes clear that the old identity does not fit anymore.  I am free.  I am vast and limitless and undefined.  

In spin class the other day I had a really cool moment of awareness that my mind was the limiting factor on my fitness.  It was really clear.  My body LIKES to be pushed.  Hard.  My body loves when my lungs and legs are on fire.  My mind, on the other hand, started protesting LOUDLY.  And I realized in that moment that my mind had set this limit for most of my adult life, about what levels of fitness I could expect to reach, based on what I had achieved previously.  And not only did this limit include how fit I could be/look from a measurable perspective, such as body composition and definition; but also included my performance during a workout, AND my nutrition/diet habits!  I almost laughed out loud! Some ancient part of my mind is so concerned with survival and protection that it will try to “protect” me from my highest goals.  And so trainable, I think, that anything outside of these boundaries of what I’ve always done, causes alarm.  So I thank you, Mind, for your concern and for trying to protect me.  It’s almost like talking to my mom, lol.  I appreciate the concern and I love you too.  I know you just want what’s best for me.  And the awareness of what was really going on helped me just smile and push through. I can move forward and apply this idea to all areas of my life, knowing that these limits are really just what I trained my mind to expect.  And my mind may squawk at first but it can be re-trained.  

I’m finally ready to let these limitations go.  I’m ready to really surprise myself, to expect amazing results, to know that I’m limitless and deserving of my HIGHEST dreams and desires.  I’m ready for health and wellness beyond my dreams, love and connection beyond measure, my life purpose to fulfill, sustain and excite me, and creativity and self expression to color and shape my life with joy and passion.  I’m ready to travel the world and serve others to the greatest good of the planet and all beings.  I’m ready to open my curious mind to the mysteries of the universe and fully participate in life with every breath, thought, touch and laugh.  I’m ready to let my unique light shine with the quiet confidence of knowing my authentic self and knowing that I’m making a positive difference in the world just by being me.  


We are all so much greater than what we’ve always told ourselves.  


With so much love,



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