Not always easy

Why can it be so difficult sometimes

To remember my own value?

My OWN value

Not because of my job

My bank account

My body fat %

Or the fact that he does or doesn’t text back

Why do I question myself…

Did I say something stupid?

To make him not like me?

Did I sound insecure?

Did I babble?

Why do I try so hard to “get” people to like me?

Is it because I STILL don’t love myself?

I thought I was better…I’ve been here before.

Little one…I wish you could see yourself as others do…as I do.

As bright as the sun

As warm as love

As precious as life itself.

Crack open your anxious heart

And see the vast love inside

The love that you shine so fearlessly and so willingly on everyone else

Please, I implore you

Shine just a crack of this love on your beautiful self

And feel just a fraction of the love I have for you.

My beautiful child!

Be at peace

You are everything good in this world.



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