I will carry that for you

Oh Universe, your timing is so perfect.

I dreamed I was in a group of family members, and my grandmother was there.  I knew that she had been gone a long time, and as I saw her it registered that it was a special surprise to see her again.  I exclaimed, “Grandma!”  She held out her arms to me and I crawled into them, and folded my big adult body into her small lap.  I burst into tears.  And she said words I will never forget.  “Share with me anything you want to share with me.”

And at that exact moment I woke up, and ever since have been thinking about what I would share.

It was an invitation to unload myself of my greatest fears, my heaviest burdens.

What would I tell her?

I have such big dreams, and I feel so motivated to help people.  But along with that comes this fear that I’m never going to make a difference.  That I’m never going to live up to this giant thing called my potential.  That I’m not doing enough.  That I’m going to disappoint myself.

I am worried that I’m lost.  My life lately is like a yard sale…Everything must go!  But what is going to fill in the empty spaces?  Where do I direct all this energy and passion?

It hits me hard to face these fears in myself.  To name them.

And my grandma simply said, Let me help you with those.  They look heavy.  Let me carry those burdens for you.

My precious child, let me hold you, and know my love for you.




2 thoughts on “I will carry that for you”

  1. I love you ❤ and love that grandmas can show up and help us find the way no matter where they are physically…. I wish I could hug you ❤

    I’m also happy you are taking time to write, I know you love it


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