What if I KNEW, on a deep deep level, that I am inherently approved of, accepted, and loved beyond measure?

What if I FELT, constantly, that I am not only wanted, but I am important to the big picture?

How would this change my words, actions, and relation to others?  How would this change my entire mode of being?

This is becoming so important to me lately.  I’m intending that I KNOW these things, and that my sense of approval and acceptance doesn’t “come from” anyone or anything outside of myself…it just IS.

Because it is!!

When my sense of approval is tied to someone else, outside of me, there’s that sense of disconnect; like I’m not good enough on the inside.  It causes so much anxiety, and my actions then come from a state of doubt.  I question myself on the inside, and then don’t act confidently on the outside…which leads to more self doubt.

I’m starting to understand that the disconnect I’m feeling is literally a feeling of being cut off from source, god, that all powerful loving energy that I am part of.  When I cut myself off from that, all hell breaks loose!

And I guess therein lies the key.  I am the only one cutting myself off, in the exact moment that I seek approval elsewhere.

It’s the very act of seeking that shows I don’t believe I’m already loved.

Here are a few of the ways I typically seek approval elsewhere:  RELATIONSHIPS.  Parents.  Approval from clients.  Approval from bosses.  Social acceptance.  Social media likes.  In other words…everywhere!!  And every moment spent seeking….I’m realizing is actually a moment spent cutting myself off.

So, how does my life look when I stop seeking?  When I simply KNOW the approval is already there?  When I truly believe that every moment of my life, I have been known, seen, approved of and loved beyond measure?

I can finally f’ing relax, for one thing!!  I can be myself.  I can excel at work.  I’m more creative.  I speak more kindly.  I seek fulfillment, rather than approval.  I know myself better.  I stand up for myself.  I eat better.  I sleep better.  I feel so free!

And this is when I realize, this constant seeking takes up SO. MUCH. ENERGY.  Energy that could be redirected in beautiful, powerful, creative and world-changing ways.

My prayer is this: May we all KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are CHERISHED as we already are.  That in every moment, we are SO loved.  That there is nothing we could ever do to lose this love.  May this sense of inherent acceptance first comfort us, and then strengthen us, so that we may each go out and do our important work in this world.

So it is!







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