Humble Warrior

There’s something magical that happens when I’m walking around with an open heart.  When I’m in connection with my authentic self, through my heart, and living from that place.

I start to feel completely humbled yet empowered at the same time.

The humble part comes when I accept my place in the universe.  When I look around and give gratitude for being here, now, and being a part in this grand orchestra.

I begin to realize that I don’t have to fight for my spot.  I don’t have to defend.  I don’t even have to do anything to deserve this.  I am here, now.  Period.

And when there’s nothing to defend….no one can hurt me.

And then, when I’m unafraid of external outcomes, I get this surge of empowerment.  It’s a place of supreme confidence, but at the same time I’m blown away by how beautiful the world is and I’m so grateful to be here, be learning, be loved, be a part of it all.  It’s the most beautiful combination of humility and strength.  It’s like…seeing how beautiful the web of creation is humbles me to know that I get to be a part of it.  But knowing that I am part of all of this shows me how beautiful I am at the same time.  When I see my unique beauty and gifts, I want to share them with the world, and serve in my own unique way.

I’m often not in this place.  I’m in worry or self-judgement.  Long held limiting beliefs get triggered.  I move out of my heart into my head.  But just knowing how good it feels when I’m in the flow makes me want to stay there more often.  We have tools.  Meditation, prayer, practicing gratitude, and doing things we love can all bring us back to that state of openhearted connection.

We are unconditionally loved and cherished.  And we are powerful beyond measure.  The need to defend implies a weakness that is simply not the case.  May we feel this truth deep in our hearts, so that we can be empowered to share our unique light with the world.

Thank you for reading and supporting me on my own healing journey.  Please know how loved you are!!!

Blessings and Peace,





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