Acorn Medicine


What if the acorn believed it wasn’t good enough to be an oak tree?  What if every day it was like, ‘I really, really want to be an oak tree…But, I’m not good enough.  I’m not important enough.  I’m not valuable enough.’

Why are we, seemingly, the only creatures who have such a hard time believing in ourselves?

I found some cute little acorns today.  Little acorns that become giant oak trees, just with time, surrendering to the seasons, surrendering to animals eating them, rain washing them away, and sunlight shining on them.  They quietly carry the secret of their giant potential and allow it to unfold.

The last few weeks, I have been feeling very deeply the subject of my own value. I’m new in Portland, and I’ve been chasing, groveling and clinging to job opportunities that make me feel small.  And finally on Wednesday, I was leaving a yoga demo after which the owner didn’t give me a yes or no.  I was feeling really unworthy as I was driving home, like I’m not valuable as a person because of their perceived rejection.  But this time, I realized what I was doing, and I was like NO MORE.  I will not chase.  I will not cling.  The right opportunities are going to come, and in the meantime I am FINE.  I am safe, I am sheltered, I have food.  If the thing is not meant for me, I let it go, and allow what belongs to me to come in.

It was new for me, because the feeling of being unworthy came up, but it didn’t sit right and I recognized the untruth of it. I pulled out of it, upgraded my own value, and felt the ease of surrender all at the same time.

When we let go of clinginess and desperation, we show the universe and ourselves that we trust.  We also rise above whatever it was that we were clinging to, and therefore show ourselves that we’re more valuable/stronger/more capable than we thought.  That we don’t NEED the thing.  It’s not a haughty, ‘Fine, I don’t need you then!’  No.  It’s calm and quiet and empowering.  It’s a reflection of self worth, as well as courageous surrender.  In doing this, we allow something higher to drop in.  Something that matches who we TRULY are – unique, spectacular, and brave.

The acorn doesn’t accept the destiny of becoming a potted plant.  The acorn is destined to express itself as an oak tree and it doesn’t stray from that.  It doesn’t even think to question it, let alone consider a lesser offer.

May we all know our inherent worthiness so that we can let go of the lesser offer and open to receive what is rightly ours.



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